Wearing a Fake Pregnant Belly

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  1. Michael says:

    There are fake pregnancy belly vids (looks realistic) on the internet. These plastic bellies are increasingly popular & can be rented cheaply online, esp an unusual high number of Chinese & Russian women wear them, & they sell well in France, but don’t know if they sell in America (I’m in So CA). As a genderfluid, but straight male, curious about my gender identity & my wife’s 3 pregnancies (I have a stepson, a son & daughter), I had a mock pregnancy a few years ago (I’m 36 now) & my family thinks that’s cool, cute & connecting. I rented a belly, prosthetic size-c breasts, sometimes maternity clothes (bought online, I really like the teal dress & maternity jeans) & I experience the closest things to being pregnant (for me, that is). I wish they were real children, I mean I announced the genders (a girl), gave them names & due dates, because I want to have fun, & so does my family & friends, I even had a baby shower in the middle point of the mock pregnancy. I love my wife very much, took care of her during her pregnancies & childbirths, help her out with chores & child-rearing, & finally she tells me what it’s like to be really pregnant, although I missed what it’s really like, lots of not comfortable downs (& some monumental ups) she had. My wife actually liked being pregnant, though she had discomforts she expressed & she stated they’re normal, nothing serious to threaten her or our children’s health, & she felt beautiful, kept a few stretch marks to remind her the time she was with child. I love her with all my heart, as well took in her stepson & we had 2 equally wonderful children together. +

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