Swaddleme baby wraps – a cleverly designed infant swaddle gives your baby comfort and a feeling of safety; just like when it was in the womb. swaddleme baby wraps and sleeping bags

Any parent knows all too well that sleep time is serious time. When it come to sleep time, every parent wants their baby to sleep. When a baby is born it is soon wrapped snuggly in a blanket, nice and tight, to mimic the warmth of the womb. This practice is encouraged and repeated at each sleep time.

There is a knack to wrapping a baby correctly in a swaddle blanket to avoid little hands wiggling to the surface and straight into the mouth. If the wrap is not secure enough the baby will often startle itself and wake. This is not a favourable outcome, especially in the dark of night.

However, there is a quick and easy way to wrap your baby, no matter what time of the day or night, which will ensure it is safe and snug at all times. The SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap to the rescue.


Features of the SwaddleMe Infant Wrap

The SwaddleMe adjustable infant wrap is

  • Available in multiple colors, prints, fabrics and sizes
  • Soft and luxurious in CottonOrganicCotton, or Fleece
  • Cleverly designed with soft fabric wings that are secured around your baby with velcro tabs
  • Adjustable to suit any baby’s size for a perfect fit
  • Perfect for diaper / nappy changes as there is no need to unwrap baby’s arms
  • Suitable for a 5-point harness restraint

The original SwaddleMe adjustable infant wrap is the perfect item to buy for yourself, as a newborn baby gift, for a baby shower or for someone you love.

The wrap swaddles your baby in such a way offering a sense of comfort and snugness helping them sleep more soundly. No more will your baby wriggle free from a blanket or cloth wrap and startle itself awake.

Its clever design means it is fast to wrap a baby and have them settle without fuss. In addition, during the dark of night you can even wrap your baby almost blindfolded as it is that simple. No more will you need bright lights on to get that old blanket wrap positioned correctly and then find your little one has done a houdini anyway.


Why wrap a baby?

Every baby needs to sleep safe and sound. This is a must have product. Even if you baby is restless and needs to be calmed, simply wrap them in the SwaddleMe wrap and they will instantly feel more relaxed.

The SwaddleMe wrap is easily washed however it is key to fold down the velcro tabs prior to placing with other garments so to avoid the velcro attaching to something it shouldn’t.

If your baby likes to be swaddled don’t even bother with traditional blankets. This product provides the simplest, most effective way to swaddle newborns.

The SwaddleMe wrap can be purchased in multiple packs so you can always have a spare one on hand for the other little surprises that babies offer when you least expect it. Hundreds of mums swear by this product and once you have tried it yourself you will too. It truly is a lifesaver.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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