Nothing beats having your hands and nails pampered.  Instinctively even little girls love Wash Off Nail Polish Safe For Pregnant Women and Kidsit too, and particularly love to have their nails painted in bright colors.

Did you know that regular nail polish is toxic?

Next time you set up a make-believe beauty parlor to play nail polish games, whether it be at a kids party, a baby shower or in your own home, choose non toxic, water based, wash off nail polish.  Yes, wash off nail polish exists. It’s a perfect option for kids and also totally safe to use during pregnancy.


Wash off nail polish for kids

Little girls will always be little girls. They just want to me like their mommy. Whether it is for a special occasion, a treat (or a bribe to have their nails cut) or as part of a dress up game, nail polish is a hit.

Not long after we paint little nails, they always end up in the mouths of toddlers; and the toxic component means this is no longer a good idea. In fact it probaby has never been a good idea yet that has not stopped us in the past. Has it?

However where an alternative exists, it probably should be used. Shouldn’t it?

If you are looking for a safer alternative, a cleaner alternative, then wash off nail polish is perfect for kids.

There are a few brands on the market, and a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from. Your daughters will never know the difference and what best is that when they have a bath or shower, it will wash away, clean, without any residue.


Nail Polish Games for Kids

Some of the best games children play are with items around the home, like dress ups or using recycled items such as egg cartons, bottles or boxes. Introducing an inexpensive treat into the mix, like nail polish, is a always bonus.

Kids parties are full of fun games. Have you ever introduced a nail polish game to a kids party?

Set up a table with a brightly colored cloth (maybe it is a groovy piece of fabric you picked up from a local garage sale – always bargains to be had there), some chairs and create a nail boutique design, just like our own ‘GLITZY NAILS’, with paint on paper and you have yourself a beauty parlour.  Using non toxic, wash off nail polish means you no longer need to be concerned about the effects it may have on your guests.

Make a mess? No worries, it washes out. Spill it? Not a problem. Paint your hands instead of your nails? Just wash away. The perfect fun game without the dangers.


Nail Polish Games for Pregnant Women

If you are hosting a baby shower, or are pregnant yourself and feel like a pamper, switch to non toxic wash off nail polish.

If you are searching for the perfect game to play at a baby shower, that is fun and non-toxic for the special pregnant women on show, time to play nail polish games with wash off nail polish.

The perfect way to pamper a pregnant woman is to give her a well deserved manicure. With so many rules and regulations, do’s and don’t and things to avoid and watch out for when being pregnant, it is nice to know that some of life’s simple things, like nail polish, can be non toxic and more importantly can be washed off with soap and water. Mamma will love it and so will baby.  The smell of nail polish can often take your breath away, not to mention the nail polish remover. With wash off nail polish there is no odour. Who knows what you are inhaling otherwise.

Do yourself, your daughter, your best ‘pregnant’ friend, a favour.  Buy wash off, non-toxic, nail polish.  Click here for more details on the water-based range available or simply look out for a peel-off nail polish and you can’t go wrong!


All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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