daddy-daughter-quotesThere is no denying that parents play a significant role in any child’s life, providing guidance and protection.

It is often said that boys have a special connection to their mothers, and girls a unique relationship with their fathers. Some studies have even gone so far as to report that girls who share a strong bond with their dad are emotionally and physically healthier than those who don’t. A healthy relationship between a dad and his little girl can produce amazing results.

Regardless of the research, the studies, or the theories, a dad will be the first man in a little girl’s life. There will be moments when he will embarrass her and he will make her cringe.

He may dress a bit too dad-like or show up at the “wrong times.” However, he will love her, protect her and share with her a bond that no other man will ever replace. A daughter will always be daddy’s little girl and a dad will always have a soft spot in his heart for his special girl.

Cherish the moments. Cherish the simple things in life. Here are 30 special moments that a proud dad and his little girl can share.

Advice for Dads

  1. Tell her you love her. Look her in the eye. Mean it. The day she replies with “I love you too, daddy” will melt your heart.
  2. Teach her to climb a tree and play sports. She will love the comfort you provide her if she is scared or falls and grazes her knee. She will remember those moments.
  3. Play dress up. Yes, you may feel a bit silly, but she will love it.
  4. Tickle her until she giggles her heart out. Let her tickle you. Giggle together.
  5. Teach her to ride a bike.
  6. Dance with her. Jump around to her favourite music and savor the moment. Don’t wait until her 21st birthday or her wedding.
  7. Go on a “date.” Take her for a burger or a milkshake. Take her shopping.
  8. Spoil her. It’s OK to say “Yes” sometimes.
  9. When she tells you she wants to marry you (and she will at one point in her life), don’t disappoint her.
  10. Respect women in her presence (and out of it!) and teach her how a woman deserves to be treated.
  11. 11. Play with dolls, trucks, cars or mud. Whatever she desires. Be fluid.
  12. Savor the moment. One day she will be a newborn, next she will be walking and the before you know it, she will be walking out the door. Live for today.
  13. When she needs you, be there. When she needs her space, give it to her.
  14. Tell her she is beautiful and watch the twinkle in her eye.
  15. Cook with her. Create your own signature masterpiece dish.
  16. Tell each other little secrets; share moments together.
  17. Set rules and boundaries. Do not be afraid to say no. She will appreciate it in the long run.
  18. Share your childhood stories with her.
  19. Put pen to paper and write her a letter. It could be on her birthday, or just whenever the moment arises. Keepsakes are priceless.
  20. Take photos together. Fun ones, serious ones. Capture moments.
  21. If you are fixing the car, mowing the lawn, painting a fence or washing the dog, get her to help you. Make her your helper.
  22. Put her on your shoulders and show her the world.
  23. Trust her. Let her know you trust her.
  24. Don’t just attend her birthday parties, be a part of the planning, creation and excitement of the whole day. Every year.
  25. Smother her with kisses and hugs. Do not worry what others may think.
  26. Lie on the grass and look into the sky. Find shapes in the clouds or lie in silence.
  27. When she cries, comfort her.
  28. Learn the words to her favourite song and sing it at the top of your lungs together.
  29. Know her favourite dessert. Have it on hand when life gets her down.
  30. Let her leave the nest, but remind her the door is always open for her return.

If you are a father, a father to be, or a little girl yourself (no matter your age), cherish the moments and bond you share. A girl can learn a lot from her dad and a girl can take a different perspective on things just because her dad was the one to show her.

If, as a dad, you feel uncomfortable doing “stereotypical boy things” with your daughter, there are plenty of items around to help break the ice. Barbie fishing rods for example or pink tackle boxes, overalls or gloves.

Dads, don’t expect your time together to be the same as with your son. It won’t be and it shouldn’t necessarily be. This is a good thing. There are probably a hundred more ways a relationship with a dad and his little girl can be explained and explored. No matter how old you are or how far away you live from each other, there will always be special moments you can cherish together.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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