Things That Money Cannot Buy

We life in a world where everything is hustle and bustle. Sometimes it is important to stop and really appreciate the simple things around us. The simple and greatest pleasures that surround us often go unnoticed but they are priceless and need to be acknowledged.



These are the things that money cannot buy:

  1. Cleanly ripping off a hanging thread from a piece of clothing without unraveling more thread.
  2. Finding the perfect piece of clothing in a store, and it costing less than you thought.
  3. Finding money in an old article of clothing.
  4. Putting on clothes that are still warm from the dryer.
  5. When a mother holds her own baby for the very first time.
  6. The joy of watching a baby smile.
  7. When you see the look on someone’s face, opening a gift you got for them, and realizing they love it.
  8. The hilarity of dressing up your pet with a hat, sunglasses, shirt, etc.
  9. The sound of a baby just learning how to speak.
  10. Realizing that your body is able to create a beautiful new life based on the love you share with someone else. And the moment that new life comes into the world, making everything so amazingly different.
  11. Getting all dressed up for a special occasion, and feeling truly beautiful when you look in the mirror.
  12. The delight in a child’s eyes when they’ve accomplished something for the first time.
  13. Playing dress up for Halloween.
  14. Playing with someone else’s baby and not having to change the diaper.
  15. When you spill something on your clothes and it doesn’t leave a stain.
  16. Making a perfect towel turban when you get out of the shower.
  17. The moment when the overtired fussy baby snuggles close and finds sleep in your arms
  18. Eating messy food in the messiest of fashions in the privacy of your own home.
  19. Changing into sweat pants when you spent the entire day in jeans or slacks.
  20. A toddler kissing your pregnant belly.
  21. The sound of a children laughing and playing.
  22. The little kicks and pokes I feel daily as I enter the last month of my first pregnancy. It’s truly remarkable!
  23. Taking off high heels or dress shoes after wearing them all day.
  24. Sticking that leg out from underneath the blanket to cool yourself down.
  25. When a tiny baby holds your finger.
  26. A great, classic family photo.
  27. Getting your spring clothes out of the closet after a long cold winter.
  28. Being called beautiful when you don’t have any makeup or fancy clothes on.
  29. That proud feeling you get when you watch your child take her first steps.
  30. Friendship

And this is just the start.

Share with us any of the simple pleasures and priceless moments that make you happy.  The simple things in life that are completely free. Let’s grow this list and enjoy beauty from within.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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