6 Tips To Keeping Your Home Clean and OrganisedFor some, keeping a clean home can feel daunting.  In fact when you’re in your third trimester even the simplest of tasks can take forever and once your little one comes along, there’s just never enough time in the day to do much at all.

Surprisingly though, there are some people who find cleaning, organising and putting things away second nature. These habits stem from people who always seem to have a clean home.  Whether it’s about implementing new routines or just trying to keep your head above water, it’s worth taking a moment to read on.  Even if you can adopt one of these habits, and entice others in the family to ‘own’ one, you may all be able to work towards achieving a tidy home, most of the time. Now wouldn’t that be fantastic!

6 tips to help you keep your home clean and organised so you feel in control

  1. Make your bed, every morning:  If you are not a morning person, this is going to just feel too hard but you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make.  Pulling up the sheets or blanket and making you bed look respectable actually helps your entire bedroom appear more orderly. It may seem too small a task to matter much, but starting your day by making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. Give it a go.
  2. Put clothes away: Hands up who has a chair, table or just the floor which is used as a ‘clothes rack’. As tempting as it is to throw clothes on the floor after a long day try to remember to put dirty items straight in the laundry, put shoes away and hang up any items that can be worn again. It really only takes a minute if that.
  3. Keep the sink empty: Now, this does not mean keep all the dirty dishes on the bench, it means you need to either empty and restock the dishwasher or rinse the odd cup, plate and spoon currently sitting in the sink.  A few items can pile up in the blink of an eye so get into the habit of keeping on top of it. Trust me, a shiny clean sink is awesome.
  4. Wipe up as you make mess: Whether you are cooking up a storm or waiting for the microwave to defrost last night’s left overs, there’s nothing worse than finishing a meal only to see that the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit.  Whilst you are waiting for your chicken to grill, your vegetables to steam or your meal to heat up, wipe down surfaces, put away condiments and take a moment to neaten things up. It’s about putting your ‘free’ time to good use.
  5. Keep up with the laundry: Doing the washing non stop is exhausting. And when you’re dealing with babies, kids and trying to keep on top of regular household items it can get out of hand. Try to set yourself a routine to keep the dirty pile from becoming overwhelming. 20 Tips to staying on top of the laundry.
  6. Put things away:  How often do you turn around and find mess appear before your eyes? Yes, I knew you’d relate to that. The trick is to put things back where you’ve determined they live.  Now with kids around this can be extra tricky but you can play a game – see who can collect the most items and put them away the fastest or pick up a washing basket and walk through your home collecting everything that does not belong and then place it in one room and get everyone to pick 5 items to put away.

cleaning the houseBefore you lay your weary head in bed at night, do one quick walk around the home.  Pick up a pair of shoes, hang a towel, throw yesterday’s newspaper in the recycle and return bottles, sauces and jars to the kitchen pantry.

When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to start off as fresh as possible.  Once the act of making your bed becomes a new habit you may find that your good vibes rub off onto others in the house and other new routines will naturally follow.

You know how good it feels when everything has its place and you’ll also see how quick you can actually achieve something when you don’t leave it go too long.

Give it a try..

Do you have any habits to share which can help make housework more enjoyable (or less stressful)?



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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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