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Organization Essentials: Kids Room

Are your kid’s rooms bursting at the seams? If so, you’re not alone. Kids love to collect stuff, and their rooms often turn into junkyards in a matter of weeks—if not days! If you want to keep your kids happy and your sanity intact, it’s time to take charge and bring order back to the chaos with these 7 tips for organizing your kids’ room in a snap.  I will be highlighting the following kids room organization tools below to get you started.

  1. Kids Animal Laundry Basket/Storage
  2. Mkono Macrame Handing Toy Hammock
  3. ULG Over Door Organizer 
  4. Over the Door Rope Storage Baskets
  5. Toy Organizer
  6. Kids Toy Chest (Various Animals)
  7. Humble Crew Kids Book Shelf
  8. Heavy Duty Vinyl J Hooks
  9. Under Bed Storage Bins

Start By Getting Rid of Clutter

The first step in organizing your kids room is to start by getting rid of the clutter.  The easiest way to do this is to take everything out of their room and then go through it one item at a time.  Make three sections in the kids room one for keeping the items, another section for donation and a third for selling. Ask yourself if it’s still needed, and then put it away, donate or sell it. If you have enough storage space for their seasonal belongings, put them back into their respective boxes/bags and store them in the closet or under their bed.

Put Away Clean Clothes

The next step is to put away clean clothes that you have just sorted.  Just like the closet, it is important to put clothes of the same type together so they don’t mix up when putting them away. For example, all t-shirts should go into one drawer and all shorts into another.

Add Storage

Adding storage is a key component to keeping your child’s room clean. Think about what you are looking for and the space available. You don’t want to buy too many pieces of furniture that take up all of the floor space, but you also don’t want items spilling out from cabinets and drawers. A simple shelving unit can make all the difference. I’ve listed some excellent storage solutions below.

Designate a Place For Everything

Designate a place for everything, ensuring everything has a place.  Put storage containers on shelves and under the bed to organize toys and books. Put back only the items you intend to keep or use in their room and then put things back in their designated spot so they know where they go when they are done playing with them!

Keep It Neat

Keep it neat and tidy by using bins, drawer dividers and shelves. If you want to take it to the next level you can label all of your bins so that your kids know what belongs where. Keep the bins on the floor or on low surfaces because children may not be able to reach up high.  Make sure you have a place for books because children often use them as storage spaces which can lead to clutter.

Let The Kids be Part of The Process

Let the kids be part of the process by inviting them to help you decide which toys should stay and which should go. Encourage them by using lots of yes responses, like Yes, that toy is one of your favorites! and Yes, we love playing with that! It may also be helpful to ask open-ended questions, like what they think they should do with their old stuffed animal collection.

Stay Focused On What Matters Most

Stay focused on what matters most. Determine what you need the most and put that where it belongs. If you are having trouble with this, you can move everything out of the room and then take one thing back in at a time until your space is organized. You can use this technique with clothes and accessories as well.

I know organizing your child’s room can seem overwhelming, but take it step by step. Here are some items to assist you on your organizing journey. 

Kids Animal Laundry Basket/Storage (various animals)

This Laundry basket was a staple in our kids room.  I love the fox but they also offer various other animals your child will love!

Mkono Macrame Hanging Toy Hammock

This cute and boho chic Macrame Hanging Toy Hammock can be hung on the wall or door and can work as both a design element and storage for your child stuffies.

ULG Over Door Organizer

The key to this over the door organizer and why I choose it is because it is clear and has deep pockets.  You and your child need to see what is in the organizer so the clear pockets make it easy to see what is inside. Second, it has deep pockets to store lots of items. This is key in keeping your child’s room tidy.

Over the Door Rope Storage Baskets

Here is another over the door storage basket. You could do the one above on their bedroom door and these on the closet door. I love the look and feel of these storage baskets. Even though they aren’t clear, they are good if you have medium/large animals, books, toys, etc.

Toy Organizer

This large toy organizer will take your clutter and manage it in no time. Great for a child’s room, bedroom, playroom, etc. Easy to pull out shelves allow you to see what is inside to keep things organized and tidy.

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Kids Toy Chest (Various Animals)

These foldable cubes are sturdy and adorable. They come in a variety of different animals to choose from depending on what your child prefers.  Keep your clutter contained with one of these adorable kid’s storage bins.

Humble Crew Kids Bookshelf

Organize your child’s books with this Humble Crew Kids Bookshelf.  The multi-colored sleeves hold books in place, while also displaying what the book is.

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Heavy Duty Vinyl Wall J Hooks

Wall hooks are key to keeping items off your child’s room floor.  These hooks are multi-colored, and very durable which will allow you to place heavier items on.

Underbed Storage Bins

These under-bed storage bins will store seasonal or extra clothing under the bed and out of site.  Don’t ignore this valuable space for organizing your child’s items.

I hope these items help you on your organizing journey. I know they helped me. Let me know how it goes in the comments!




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