How Can I Clean My Belly Button When PregnantIt is completely safe to clean your navel or belly button during pregnancy.

In fact, the first time you’ll probably ever get to see the inside of your belly button or naval, is when you are pregnant.

For some women, nothing can prepare them for that they will find.  A cluster of dead skin? A lifetime of lint?  In fact what you may find is a mix of bacteria, dirt, sweat, soap, lotions, and fluff.

Your belly button should be cleaned just like all the other parts of the body, especially if you have a navel piercing. It’s always a good idea to routinely clean your belly button with a Q-Tip or regularly in the shower.  As your pregnancy progresses your belly button may pop and this will allow cleaning it all the more easier.


Can going too deep while cleaning your belly button hurt the baby?

Absolutely not. Your belly button isn’t connected to your baby. A baby’s belly button is connected to the umbilical cord which is attached to your placenta, but not your belly button. Cleaning your belly button has no effect on the baby at all.


Why does my belly button smell?

The smell or odor that comes from your belly button is generally associated with poor hygiene. Whilst it could indicate an infection it is typically associated with us leaving the area unwashed over a long period of time. This problem is common in people with innie belly buttons and that is why pregnancy is the perfect time to clean it out!


Tips to keeping your belly button clean and healthy

Your finger is too thick to effectively clean your belly button so always choose a clean cotton bud,  Q-tip or swab.  These options are not harsh on the skin.  Remember never to use sharp or pointed objects to remove dirt from your belly button.

  • When you use soap to clean your belly button, ensure you rinse thoroughly
  • Always clean the belly button hole after exercise to prevent accumulation of sweat. Sweat encourages bacterial growth and activity, which results in a smelly belly button
  • Always dry your navel well after a shower, bath or swimming to prevent it from being moist


All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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