This mother had the awesome idea of turning her daughter's photo into a mermaid.


This clever mom used a free app on her phone and turned her sleeping daughter into a mermaid.  Not only was this an impromptu decision, but the results are incredible.

River, 2, went down for her afternoon nap and what happened next was amazing. River’s mother, Brittany Grant, said that the idea was spontaneous.

Mermaids seem to be all the rage right now,” she said. “When my daughter went down for a nap, I tucked the blanket around her and the idea just struck. So I turned her into a little mermaid and edited it with my favorite app.”

Seizing the opportunity, Brittany strategically tucked the blanket in and around her daughter’s body, slightly repositioning her into a mermaid shape and tailored the blanket to create a tail. And then SNAP! She took a photo.

Snapseed was the app she used.  Available for free from the App Store,  Snapped is a professional photo-editing software.

Brittany shared with us how she edited the photo.

How you too can turn your child into a mermaid

  1. Wait for your child to be asleep (or pretend to be asleep).
  2. Grab a blanket or sheet and drape over your child.  The trick is to create the mermaid silhouette with a tail.
  3. Take a photo with your phone.
  4. Open up the App Snapseed and start getting creative.
  5. Start off by blurring the entire image with the healing feature (which is similar to  the cloning tool in Photoshop).
  6. Use brushes to turn the color image into grey scale.
  7. Adjust the saturation and lower the temperature setting (which turns everything a bluish color) until you have the look you are happy with.
  8. Click into the drama filter then manually adjusted the color, lighting, and shadows.

River’s mom also used the exposure brush to draw on the image a little more to create the effect, however this is optional. Despite the steps it took, Brittany says she has no training in photo editing. “[I’m] self taught all the way. I’ve picked up bits here and there, but never had the chance to actually take classes.”

Thank you to Brittany Grant of Vinyl Design Love for letting us share this amazing story with you.

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Kevin June 25, 2016 - 1:18 am

This girl is all kinds of talented!


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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