16 Clothing Choices To Wear After a C-section | Postpartum

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  1. photjana says:

    I had a C-section with both my Children.
    My son arrived 10 years before my daughter and I had so much trouble getting comfortable following the C-section, in fact, nothing seemed to work.
    That was until a friend gave me a pair of their wrap fisherman pants, they were awesome because they are real free-size, very light and super comfortable.

    Because of that when we were preparing for my daughter I bought 10 pairs in advance, (they are really cheap, I think they were about $10 each). Because I bought them so early I found they were also great for early maternity wear, so I virtually lived in them throughout the pregnancy.
    My daughter is now nearing 2 years old and if you visit me at home you will almost always find me in my wrap pants even now, which we bought from Siam Secrets Store online I think, that’s what is on the labels.
    They are wonderful and I recommend them to anyone who needs comfort and free movement.

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