Even though most people are too exhausted at the end of the day to do anything but Why-It-Is-Necessary-To-Use-A-Natural-Facewash-Before-Bedcollapse into bed until the following morning, anyone who wants to keep their skin healthy should ensure that they incorporate a nightly skin care regime into their lifestyle.

Now before you say, hey I don’t have tie for anymore routines, this one is simple!

Make cleaning your skin with a gentle, natural cleanser a regular part of your night time rituals.

While fatigue can make it difficult to discipline yourself to keep up this routine, it is imperative to stick to it until you begin to see the results you want.

3 Benefits of Washing Your Face at Night

  1. Removes impurities on the skin

Every day, your skin is exposed to toxins in the form of polluted air, smoke, dust, harsh chemicals in skin products, compounds that have seeped into food from fertilizers and pesticides, and many other products. Your skin is often the organ that is tasked with getting rid of all these toxins which means that it is full of impurities at the end of the day which can cause breakouts, inflammation, acne and other conditions if you do not take care to cleanse it nightly on a regular basis. A natural face wash will provide gentle and natural cleansing action and help you remove impurities that can have negative effects on your skin.

2. Allows your skin to breathe

Makeup and impurities on the skin make it difficult for the skin to breathe at night and may lead to clogged pores and ultimately, acne. Your skin cells need oxygen while you are sleeping in order to regenerate and repair damaged cells. Cleansing with a natural facial wash leaves the skin clear for these processes to take place, and results in younger, brighter looking skin.

3. Helps with hydration

When you are sleeping, your body temperature tends to rise and sometimes leads to the evaporation of water from your skin in order to retain optimal body temperatures. Water loss explains why you sometimes feel that your skin is drier and itchier at night. Washing your face with a natural cleanser helps you to clear your skin of oils and other impurities and make it easier to apply a gentle moisturizer that will combat dryness brought on by high nocturnal body temperatures.

What is a safe face cleanser to use when pregnant?

Natural facial cleansers and washes are a crucial component of night-time skin care for anyone looking to keep their skin radiant and healthy. By investing in gentle, natural and organically certified products, you should begin to see a vast improvement in the quality of your skin, avoid breakouts and attain a healthy glowing complexion.

Our tip is the Mama Mio range. Not only is there a great cleanser but other products which you might like to consider too such as stretch mark creams, a perineum cream, and a tummy rub! The best part is that they are totally pregnancy friendly so take a look.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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