Here are our top recommendations for the best, most comfortable shoes to wear when you have swollen feet and are pregnant.

All of these Comfortable Shoes To Wear When Pregnantdesigns are sturdy, easy to get on and off and as flat as possible whilst still offering the necessary arch support.

This range of best supporting shoes to wear whilst pregnant cover every occasion from casuals to work and even those who like to keep fit!

1. Pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

If you have swollen feet then there is nothing more satisfying than wearing a pair of shoes that  are adjustable and allow cool air to flow.

Birkenstocks are a popular brand that make shoes for men, women and children in a number of designs, cuts and colors.  They have a built-in arch support plus toe grip for added support and comfort and may just become your flip flop alternatives!


2. Comfortable casuals

Espadrilles are another one of those shoes that are commonly worn by both men and women.  Their soft jersey fabric are great for wide feet and they come in a huge range of styles.  Dress them up or down, you may just find that these are your go to every day casuals.


3. Best shoes to wear to work when pregnant

If you are working throughout your pregnancy, you are going to want a pair of classical shoes that suit your work attire as well as sooth your feet. Dansko make women’s shoes that even nurses recommend (and we know how long they spend on their feet).  These shoes come in a range of colors and designs, featuring a suede or leather upper and a low stable heel.


4. Best athletic shoes or sneakers to wear when pregnant

Casual shoes are all well and good but what if you want to go for a brisk walk or do some exercise whilst pregnant?  (note: pregnant women are encouraged to engage in regular physical activity, but seek medical advice before commencing)

You will find that your newly gained weight will add extra stress to your joints, so you will need a good supportive athletic shoe. These Skechers women’s big idea sneaker tick all the right boxes.   They have a cushioned insole, a meshed fabric which ensures ventilation and easily slip on. Yes, no laces plus they are very lightweight so you won’t even know they are on.

5. Shoes to wear when you are on your feet all day

Have you heard about FitFlops (not to be confused with flip flops)? FitFlops are designed to be a mixture between a flip flop and a gym.  They come in a range of colors, cuts and styles and are for men, women and children.  Are they safe to wear? Yes, but they may not be for you.


6. Boots to wear when pregnant

Boots are a great option to wear when pregnant.  Coupled with a snug woollen dress or a pair of leggings and top, they really make an outfit. Remember though that whilst feet swell during pregnancy, so too do legs so you’ll need to be on the lookout for wide-calf boots, or boots with a little extra stretch.  Avoid heels too!





All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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