tips-to-hide-dirt-and-keep-kids-clothes-cleanUntil they design a fabric that simply cannot get dirty, every parent in the world will continue to suffer the perils of kids and dirty clothing.

It only takes a minute for a child to turn a perfectly clean outfit into one covered in dirt, grass stains, food and random mess.

When you are heading out to a special occasion, or just hoping that your child will remain stain free for as long as possible there are a few tricks every parent should know.

Here are our recommended tips for the best clothes and fabrics for kids to wear that stay clean and don’t show dirt.

  1. Dark Colors – Whether it be dark greys or black, avoid light-colored clothing if you are concerned with stains. Dark colored fabrics are perfect at hiding dirt.
  2. Synthetic fabrics – These fabrics don’t hold moisture and are also usually less likely to stain than natural fibres.
  3. Patterns – Have you ever wondered why bus seats are covered in fabric complete with random patterns that are so horrible to look at? It’s a clever trick designed to  hide disgusting stains. Whilst I’m not recommending you dress your kids in clothing that is unpleasant on the eye, opt for patterns to help disguise unexpected stains. It works a treat.
  4. Leather – Whilst it’s not a fabric afforded by all, leather has a natural tendency to repel liquids and resist staining.

Most importantly avoid clothing in pastel colors. They show the dirt more.  And it goes without saying that white is just asking for trouble.

Ways to cover up stains on an otherwise perfectly good clothing

Sometimes it is impossible to remove certain clothing stains. When all else fails and you just cannot remove a stain from a practically brand new item of clothing, here are some clever ways to cover up stains on clothing that is not yet ready for the bin.

  1. Re-stain – Stain the clothing to match the stain
  2. Color it in – If the stain is light enough a fabric marker may be your best bet to camouflage it.
  3. Bleach it – Bleach on a white top works wonders.
  4. Iron on transfer – There are plenty of cool transfers that can be ironed onto clothing and you’ll never know what it’s covering.
  5. Patch it  – Stitch on a colorful patch and no one will ever know there’s a stain lurking beneath it.
  6. Sew on a button or attach a brooch – If you are not very creative, a simple button or decorative brooch will do the trick.
  7. Embellishments – Jewels, beads, sequins and gems can add a new look to a stained garment. Be mindful of using on baby clothing.

And when nothing works, just remember that kids are kids and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a child playing in the mud!



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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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