It is not safe for women to wear heels when pregnant. During pregnancy women should avoid wearing high heels, stilettos and platform heels.

There are a few key reasons why.  Let’s take a look.Is It Safe To Wear High Heels During Pregnancy

  • First trimester: During the first trimester, you can probably get away with wearing your heels but as your pregnancy progresses you’ll find that they become less and less comfortable.
  • Second trimester: During the second trimester your body starts to produce the hormone relaxin, which works to loosen ligaments (ultimately allowing your baby to be born). This however can cause your so pelvic, hip, and back joints to shift. Wearing shoes with heels during this time can cause your body to get out of alignment and may result in back and hip pain.
  • Third trimester: By this point in your pregnancy, heels become a huge safety issue! Your belly will be growing daily, your center of gravity will change and you’ll find that it is almost impossible to maintain your balance.  You may also have swollen feet and squeezing into a pair of stilettos is just far too painful.


What effect does wearing shoes with high heels have during pregnancy?

  1. Leg cramps: When you wear shoes with high heels during pregnancy, your calf muscles can tighten and start to cramp.
  2. Instability: When you are wearing heels, there will be higher probability of losing balance and tripping over, causing injury to you and your unborn child.
  3. Posture:  The other effect that wearing heels can have is impacting your posture. When you are pregnant the weight of your growing belly can adjust the way you walk and can cause you to get a backache.

Are heels safe to wear?

Whilst it’s always a personal choice, it’s best to shelve your high heels until after your baby is born. If you do need to wear heels for a special occasion whilst you are pregnant, try to stick to shows with a thicker, shorter heel that is as sturdy as possible.  Avoid stilettos, platform heels or kitten heels. The thinner the heels, the lesser support your body will get, making it all the more difficult to maintain balance.

If you are looking for a range of comfortable shoes to wear during pregnancy, take a look at our recommendations.  There are some boots, sneakers, sandals and even work shoes.


Did you or do you still wear your heels when pregnant?






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Eva June 1, 2016 - 3:17 pm

No I didn’t wear them, because my feet were swollen so I needed a size bigger shoes for a start. But honestly, after about the first trimester I just couldn’t be bothered…. 😉


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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