There are many clothing options you can opt for to help you look slimmer postpartum, after having a baby.  The key to lifting your self-confidence is to attract attention away from your postpartum bump. The art of distraction involves floral prints, plaids, horizontal narrow stripes and polka dots. Accessories, supportive underwear and dark colors also helps.

Keep in mind that it took 9 months (no, 10!) for your body to get to where it is, so be patient while it finds its way back. And don’t forget that every woman has a completely different body, unique genes and it’s never a good idea to compare yourself.




Postpartum clothing rules

When you have just had your baby there are two golden rules to follow

  • First, don’t try to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes. They simply won’t fit and you’ll end up being miserable.
  • Second, don’t get rid of any of your maternity clothing (or pre-pregnancy wear) just yet. Give your body time to recover.


14 Ways To Look Slimmer After Having a Baby


1. Supportive bras/breastfeeding bras (if you’re nursing)

During pregnancy and particularly after your milk has come in, your breasts will be larger than life. Therefore your lingerie is going to be the foundation of your outfit. You need to invest in a good, supportive bra. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to ever outfit.

2. Dark clothes

We all know how slimming dark clothes are so even if it’s really not your thing, this might be the time when you consider wearing a few black garments.

Dark clothing creates the illusion of smoothness. Your postpartum bump and bulges simply appear to recede into the fabric. And if you wear a full outfit of dark shades, you can even appear taller. Dark pants or leggings give the illusion of a long, vertical line.

3. Stretchy pants 

Any pants with a bit of stretch, particularly around the belly area will give you the feeling of being back in ‘almost normal’ clothes, but still with the support you need.

Wear leggings with a large top or tunic.

4. Shapewear

Shapewear such as Spanx is always a good idea!

Designed to hold in your stomach and make you look smoother you’ll feel a million dollars.  Shaping briefs may end up being your most favorite item. If you have had a c-section you’ll appreciate the way shaping briefs take the pressure off your scar area and prove you extra support.

5. Dress to look taller

As mentioned earlier, dark clothes ( black/grey/chocolate ) can help give off the illusion of a leaner taller you. The key to a taller, thinner look, is to avoid cropped pants or wide-leg pants, especially if you wear them with flats.

6. Loose Skirts or Shorts

Just like stretchy pants, skirts or shorts with an elastic waist are the perfect option for a postpartum wardrobe. Wear them with comfortable top that fits you well so there is not too much extra volume to deal with. The bulkier the outfit the larger you will look so keep it simple.

7. No frills

Avoid too many ruffles or pleats on skirts, tops and skirts. Choose garments that have a simple, clean silhouette and just a little bit of personality.

8. Draw attention to your neckline

V-necks or U-necks elongate your figure giving you a slimmer appearance. Anything that reveals a bit of your skin up top draws the eye upward.

9. Fabric choices

Garments made from a soft or flowing fabric that drapes smoothly over your body is key. Avoid anything clingy.

10. Slouchy shirts

Slouchy shirts are not only great for breastfeeding but are very comfortable and are a great option to match with a skirt or pair of casual stretchy pants. It’s all about the over all look.

11. Loose dresses

A long dress that flows softly can be very stylish. If you prefer something shorter,  choose knee-length for a slimming effect. Another option is an empire waist dress.  These are a great postpartum option because they are more fitted on the slim area of your body and are loose below.

Above all, avoid dresses that are too tight, too large or have too much bulky fabric.

12. Accessories

Drawing attention away from your problem areas is a secret many fashion designers use. Invest in accessories including scarves and necklaces which you can wear long into the future.

Be aware though that babies love to pull and chew on necklaces, earrings and brooches so minimise your choices when baby is close by.

13. Comfortable shoes

Heels were out whilst you were pregnant from a safety perspective. You can certainly consider them now that baby is born but best to wear wedge boots or shows with a more stable heel. Or better still opt for leg lengthening flats.

14. Maternity jeans

Yes you read that right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing to wear your maternity jeans postpartum. If you want to wear pants then opt for those that fit you well in the bottom area and designs that do not sit too low on your waist.

Avoid pants or jeans that have huge pockets or are bejewelled on the back because they will draw attention to the area you may actually want to hide.


Above all your postpartum wardrobe needs to be a mixture of garments that make you feel comfortable. Every woman’s body will take a different amount of time to recover. Some months. Some years. It’s what you do with your clothing and how you wear tops, pants and skirts that will not only give you confidence but allow you to focus on your baby and not on how you feel. Keep it easy for yourself.


All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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