Smart Maternity Clothes Track Your Health During PregnancyA range of maternity clothes designed to track a women’s vital signs during pregnancy is on its way to becoming a reality.

The collection of smart maternity clothes (think smart phones, wearable technology) is being designed to include a range of dresses, coats, trousers, skirts, blouses and jumpers in neutral colors.  There are also plans for formal clothing and evening wear.

How does smart maternity clothing work?

Smart maternity clothes are said to be able to track heart rate, temperature, breathing and blood pressure; vitals that can be very crucial during pregnancy. Via a conductive silver fiber which will be woven into the fabrics, data will be collected wirelessly and sent to a smartphone app via bluetooth.  The smart device will be cleverly hidden behind a belt buckle. The stats recorded are of the mother and her baby and are captured as soon as the garments are worn.

A Cornell University student created the smart maternity clothes idea that monitor the health of a mother and won a national scholarship for the mix-and-match collection.  As with all maternity clothes, this new range of wearable technology clothing items it to be designed with comfort in mind as well as being aesthetically pleasing. And in this instance, add value. Branded “B” Maternity Wearables, the clothing options are adaptable and are designed to be worn whilst pregnant and even postpartum.

The future of smart maternity clothing

Since it was a case study project, there has not yet been confirmation as to whether this range of smart maternity clothing options is going to be commercially released or not.

Smart maternity clothing however is not for everyone. Most women have a relatively straight forward ‘typical’ pregnancy but for those in higher risk situations or women who are wanting to be more in tune with their bodies, this could be the answer. It could be an added bonus too for women who simply want to monitor their health and keep a track record of their stats.

If smart clothing is not of interest, you could always take a look at a pregnancy smart watch or a growing range of wearable items all designed with mother and baby in mind.

  • A necklace, Khushi Baby designed to store a child’s immunization records
  • A smart pacifier that can monitor an infant’s sleep
  • A “wellness ring” that measures physical activity and sleep.
  • A smart watch, B-smart for pregnant women
  • Wearable foot , Babytone Monitor, for babies to monitor heart rate

Startups, entrepreneurs and creative minds all over the world are continuing to design and develop ingenious products all with health and safety in mind.  Smart maternity clothing is just around the corner.

Is this something you’d be interested in wearing?






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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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