Ziploc storage bags are actually fantastic for lots of items. They come in a range of 50-ways-to-use-resealable-ziploc-bagssizes and are very very useful.

You may already use them for one or two things or may not even use them at all.

Better still, once you buy yourself a packet, you can reuse them.  You can wash them and dry them and reuse them over and over.


Different reusable storage bags

Ziploc storage bags are designed for almost anything. You may choose the largest sizes to store clothing and shoes, or the smallest sizes for food, jewelry or even money.

Not only are they really affordable and strong, but are found in almost every store and online and are designed to last.

Look out for combo kits where you can get a range of sizes for a low bulk price and even bags with a ziploc slider which ensures they are sealed nice and tight!


50+ ways to use resealable ziploc bags

Baby and child related storage ideas

  1. Baby Bags: Perfect for pacifiers and wipes; the little things that often get lots all too easily.
  2. Snacks for kids: Great for snacks on the go. Cut up fruit, dry biscuits, anything really! Keeps them fresh.
  3. Breastmilk: Perfect storage bag for freezing expressed breastmilk.
  4. Doll Accessories: Barbie (for example) has lots of tiny accessories.  Never loose a handbag or high heel shoe again.
  5. First Aid Kits: Make up a mini first aid kit for the car or outings. Bandaids, and ointments and other odds and ends you may need.
  6. Icepack: Fill it with frozen vegetables like peas, or even ice, and have it on hand in the freezer for those unexpected moments when the cool of an icepack is ‘just what the doctor ordered’.
  7. Jigsaw Pieces: Never lose a jigsaw piece again when you lock them safely in these resealable bags.
  8. Lego: Great for sorting and storing lego pieces; particularly if they are themed.  The see-through plastic means that you can see exactly what is in each bag before opening it and pouring lego all over the floor.
  9. Diaper Bags: Need a bag to store a soiled diaper? The perfect solution is a resealable bag.
  10. Hospital Bag Packing: Perfect for pantyhose, jewellery or small essentials whilst in hospital.
  11. Spare Clothes: Perfect for spare underwear for children at day care or kindergarten.
  12. Toiletries: Pack lotions, creams and toothpaste in resealable bags to ensure that they do not spread into your suitcase or bag in case they leak.
  13. Toy Parachutes: Make parachutes for action figures. Cut out a square from a bag, and place a hole in each corner and attach string through each hole.  Tie the ends together and attach to toy.
  14. Trick or Treat Bags: Give each child a bag to decorate as they like and use it for Halloween.
  15. Wet Items: Packing a damp or wet face cloth is a handy item for dirty faces or sticky hands.
  16. Storing old clothes: Pack away unwanted maternity clothes, baby items or keepsakes safe and airtight.


In the kitchen storage ideas

  1. Puree: Perfect for freezing baby vegetable purees in serving sizes
  2. Ready Made Meals: Make a batch of pasta sauce (or a favorite of yours) and freeze into the bags. For a quick meal put the bag in hot water while I’m cooking pasta or rice. By then the sauce has defrosted.
  3. Bulk Meat: Buy in bulk and save.  Organise into portions and freeze separately.  No need to thaw all the chicken to get one fillet.
  4. Coating: Coat chicken fillets or fish with breadcrumbs quickly, easily and mess free.  Just place the breadcrumbs into the bag, add the meat or fish and seal it up then shake.
  5. Storage:  Leftover pasta, popcorn or other pantry items that need a dry place to be stored.
  6. Piping Bag: Place your icing inside the bag and push it into one corner, carefully snip the end of the bag off and you have a home made piping bag.  Time to get creative.
  7. Grease your baking pans: Place a bag over your hand, scoop a small amount of butter from the tub, and then start greasing your baking pan or cookie sheet. Hands remain grease free.
  8. Icing: Color your icing with your favorite food coloring without staining your fingers.
  9. Vegetables: If you buy in bulk, cut your vegetables into daily serve amounts.  Freeze and they are ready to steam or cook as needed.  Ultimate fast food.
  10. Oil: Disposing of cooking oil down the drain or in the kitchen sink is a no-no for so many reasons.  Why not pour excess cooled cooling oil into a resealable bag and then dispose of it in the bin.
  11. Leftovers: Remaining salads, cold meats or meals that you are just too good to throw away.
  12. Marinating Bag: Place your favorite marinade and meat or vegetables in and let them infuse in the fridge.  No need to wash up.
  13. Sandwiches: The humble sandwich.
  14. Snack Bags: Perfect size for portable snacks to have in the car or on an outing with the children.


Other clever ways to store items and reuse a ziploc bag

  1. Car Rubbish Bag: Perfect little bags to have in the car to use as a rubbish bag on the go.  Seals up to avoid any smells.
  2. Bolts & Screws: Use them to house the odds and ends you have laying around.  Bolts, screws and all sorts of ‘toolbox’ items.
  3. Coupons: If you are a coupon collector, keep all your coupons in one place and organised in your bag for when you need them.
  4. Party Loot Bags: Nifty bags to fill with little treats, toys or lollies and hand out to children when they leave the party.
  5. Cords: Keep power cords, earphones and chargers safe and tangle free.
  6. Craft Bags: Great way to keep sequins, papers, glue and all the other scrapbooking and craft items in one handy place.
  7. Dog Poo Pickup: Not the most pleasant of tasks but if you are a pet owner you know your responsibilities.  Place your hand inside the bag, and use it as a glove/protector to pick up your doggie doo-doo.  At least it can seal up.
  8. DVD: Place DVDs inside a bag, one to a bag, protect them from being scratched.
  9. Greenhouse: cover your pots, seeds or magic beans with a bag to create a mini greenhouse to help them sprout.
  10. Mini Glass House: Start the germination process of new seeds under the protection of a bag.  Keeps in the warmth and moisture.
  11. Pencil Case: Great pencil case idea. You can see what is inside and small enough to pack and carry.
  12. Pet Food: Store unused cans of pet food away and safe.
  13. Photos: Place photos inside them to protect from dirty hands.
  14. Picnic Tea & Coffee: Out and about or heading off to a picnic? Take your coffee and tea bags with you.  No mess.
  15. Playdough: Keep your playdough dry and clean and it can be flattened for easy storage.
  16. Protection: Place your mobile phone, keys and loose change in it when by the pool or down at the beach to protect it from sand and water.
  17. Receipts: Place receipts in a bag as you get them, or sort them into groups. Never loose one again.
  18. Scented Sachet:  Fill a with flower petals, fragrant oils and other leaves.  Pierce a few little holes in it and place it in your dresser drawer. The potpourri alternative.
  19. Seeds: Store unused seeds in separate sealable bags.
  20. Sewing Kit: Great for storing cotton, needles and buttons.
  21. Stationary Sorting: Loose batteries, paper clips, tapes and paperclips.  Keep things together and neat.
  22. Stamps and Envelopes: Never be without a stamp again. Keep them together with envelopes in a portable bag.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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