Pregnant women wear seat belts in the car

Pregnant women wear seat belts in the car

Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy is not safe. Tight clothing will not harm your baby but it will be uncomfortable for you.

Pregnancy can cause a woman’s body to change shape and size several times before the baby arrives.  One day your clothes will be comfortable and the next restricting.

Comfort is key during pregnancy as the body already experiences numerous aches and pains. Sometimes clothes are uncomfortably tight or they place pressure on certain parts of the body.


Is Wearing Tight Clothes During Pregnancy Safe?

It is important to be aware that wearing tight pants or jeans does not hurt your baby. Wearing a belly band or maternity band also does not hurt or harm your baby.  However wearing tight clothes can cause pregnant women to experience some concerns which should be noted.

Wearing tight clothes can cause heartburn

Pregnant women who wear tight-fitting clothes, especially around the waist, can experience heartburn more frequently than those who don’t.  Heartburn or reflux are common during pregnancy. The pressure from tight or ill-fitting clothing can push on the stomach and create unnecessary pressure which can result in heartburn.

Pregnant women who wear tight clothing can experience pain

During pregnancy, women experience pain of all sorts so adding to the discomfort by wearing tight fitting clothing is really unnecessary. Wearing clothes that don’t fit can cause pain around the abdomen, across your chest and even your back.

One of the most common items worn in the incorrect size is a bra.  A woman’s bra size can increase both in the cup size and strap numerous sizes.  In incorrectly sized bra can put added pressure on one area of the breast for too long and can cause the milk ducts to become clogged even before a woman is breastfeeding. The result can cause mastitis and it can be very painful.

Tight maternity clothes can reduce circulation 

In early pregnancy a woman’s blood vessels expand in readiness for the increased blood volume that develops.  Wearing clothes that are too restrictive, particularly in the arms or legs can cut off blood circulation and create a numbness or tingling sensation.

Whilst many pregnant women choose not to wear special maternity clothes during pregnancy, if you find that your regular clothes just are not fitting you as well as you could like, take a look at these guides to sourcing clothing that will ensure you are comfortable for as long as possible.


Have you ever worn tight clothing and experienced any or all of these concerns?  Share your experiences with us.


All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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