Every woman has a different opinion on pregnancy but when it comes to fashion Top 10 Fashion Tips For Pregnant Womenwe all agree on one thing.  Maternity clothing needs to be comfortable, it needs to suit our own style and it must be affordable.

Here is our guide to how to get through your pregnancy looking smart, stylish and fabulous!

10 fashion tips during pregnancy

  1. Embrace your shape: When it comes times to embrace your bump and you are comfortable to show it off, avoid baggy clothing. Showing off your belly is easy.
  2. Have fun with color: We all know that dark clothing is slimming but when you are pregnant don’t be afraid to have fun with color.  Whether you are wearing regular clothing or maternity wear, look out for clothes that are fun, have patterns and make you feel fabulous.
  3. Layering: During the cooler months, wraps, shawls, capes and coats are great for layering and keeping you warm. What’s even better is that they are not limited to pregnancy, but can be worn when breastfeeding too.
  4. Natural fabrics: During pregnancy a woman’s body temperature rises and there’s nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky. Look out for clothing that is made with breathable, natural fabric. Stick to cottons and you cannot go wrong.
  5. A slimming effect: If you looking for a more slimming effect, consider wearing one color from top to bottom.  It can lengthen you and give off the appearance that you look taller and slimmer.
  6. Add a little sparkle: Don’t be afraid to wear accessories.  A plain outfit can always benefit from a gorgeous necklace or scarf.  Worn in the right way, it can also help to draw attention away from any areas you are trying to hide. Highlight areas that are looking great (good cleavage) and downplay problem spots such as big hips or swollen ankles.
  7. Avoid horizontal stripes: Think vertical lines when trying to look your best and don’t wear horizontal stripes during pregnancy unless you are totally comfortable you can pull it off.
  8. Comfortable clothes: Make sure your maternity wear not only fits you properly but is super comfy. There’s nothing worse than tight tops, jeans and skirts that leave you feeling uncomfortable all day.
  9. Appropriate shoes: Apart from the need to avoid wearing heels, being fashionable also means to wear shoes that are comfortable. When prgnany it’s important to opt for footwear that is supportive.  Take a look at our guide to the best pregnancy footwear.
  10. Non maternity clothes: Our most important tip is this. You do not have to wear maternity clothes when you are pregnant or whilst breastfeeding. There are plenty of dresses, pants and tops that you can continue to wear from your regular wardrobe.  There are also some wonderful ways to extend the life of your regular jeans.


Looking fashionable and feeling comfortable are all personal choices.  Everyone has a look that they are most suited to and a fashion sense that suits them the most.  Stick to what you love, ensure you are comfortable and enjoy your pregnancy.


All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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