What Not To Wear When Giving BirthBefore going into labor, it’s common to have your hospital bag all packed and another diaper bag with everything for your baby. It’s also common for women to go out any buy a lovely fresh pair of pajamas, maybe even a new robe and slippers and pack a whole swag of clothes, including a going home outfit.

Whilst these newer, pretty, items are all okay to be worn postpartum, they should stay safely packed in your bag when you are in labor and giving birth.

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Here are 2 key items of clothing that you should not wear whilst giving birth

1. Your favorite pyjamas or nightie

Fact is, birth is not necessarily a straight forward process. There’s bound to be blood and anything you do choose to wear may get stained.  Then of course your baby will be covered in vernix. Our advice is that is it best you avoid staining your expensive maternity gown and lovely pajamas and to cover up (if you so choose) with a very flattering-not-hospital gown.

They exist for a reason.  They allow easy access, especially if you need attention by nurses and doctors after birth, and better still you don’t need to take it home to wash. If it gets dirty, marked, stained or you just want another fresh one, just ask.

Of course if you are set on wearing something that is your own during the birth and you want a little bit more privacy than a tie across your back, there are some inexpensive maternity gowns available which you could technically dispose of after birth if they get a little worse for wear.

Keep your favorite pajamas for once you’ve showered and are feeling fresh and ready to face your visitors.

2. Your favorite underpants

Speaking of bleeding, check with your hospital or birthing centre about whether they provide you with pads for after-birth bleeding.  Generally the ones provided are far more heavy duty than you’ll ever get at the local store and in limitless supply too.

When it comes to underwear, don’t bring along your best frilly undies either.  You’re going to want comfort and anything that can be stained without concern.  Opt for something large and made of cotton; all you need is something to hold your pads in place after all.

If you’d had a c-section, you may be wanting to wear specifically designed support garments.

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What do you pack for birth which you think should have stayed home?


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All information on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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